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has one heard such a noise as that which prevails
for the next fifteen minutes until the lodge Is
completed. As fifty men work frantically on the
big evergreen enclosure, a hundred warriors come
galloping into the campus, shooting, yelling, and
racing madly around and around the lodge, while
many hundreds of others join in the din with
rattles, bells, whistles, and shouting and singing.
Children run here and there to dodge the heels
of the flying horses. Our parents have forgotten
us completely; they have been lost in the excite-
ment of the one big moment of the year. The
smell of powder smoke and sweating horses fairly
stings our nostrils.

Midst this uproar the Sun Dance woman, who
has been fasting In a special teepee for five days5
comes out and takes her seat beside the medicine-
man just behind the big lodge, which is now going
up with startling speed. Before this woman all
of the young braves who are to go through the
tortures of the Sun Dance come and bow down to
be anointed with black paint on their faces and
around their wrists.

Then, suddenly, the medicine-man gets up and
runs inside the lodge and grabs the eagle's nest.
He goes to the foot of the Sun Dance pole, which
Is still lying on the ground beside a deep hole, and
paints a series of black rings around it with the
palm of his hand. When he gets up to the top*of